Adding Dare

Adding Dare A nice puzzle game in which you need to add number with some predefined rules.

Basketball Arena

Basketball Arena In this game you can play leagues, tournaments and practice. Each time you find different chall..

Better Letter

Better Letter Better Letter is a matching game in which you make a chain of similar letters to get a better l..

Slider Pro

Slider Pro advanced 2048 version with extended game play and innovative power ups.

Free Bird - Flap For Free..

Free Bird – Flap For Freedom Simple but hard flappy game with pixel art graphics where you need to collect keys that are hid..

Arrange Cakes

Arrange Cakes Pick and drop cakes to make a row of 3 similar cup cakes. Do it fast until cake reaches to righ..

Chain Match

Chain Match Make biggest possible chains of similar blocks by connecting them. This is an endless game in w..

Blocky Blocky Xmas

Blocky Blocky Xmas A wonderful block popping game for this winter. Click on groups of similar blocks to collect th..